Your One Stop Shop For Escrow Services

Welcome to Attorney Escrow Services. We offer simple and affordable storage of documents, software or other items as part of an agreement between two companies.

Our services are often used in the following circumstances:

-- Ordering the release of software to a client when a company ceases operations
-- Holding stock certificates as part of a company purchase agreement
-- Holding secret recipes for a restaurant

In order to retain us as your escrow agent, both parties must sign an Escrow Agreement and Escrow Retainer Agreement which sets forth the terms of the escrow arrangement. Note that this service is NOT for holding cash or public traded securities.

We also offer optional services such as mediation and contract preparation for an additional fee.

For additional information, please contact us at the Contact Tab.

To review our standard contracts in PDF, please select the document below. If you find the terms acceptable, please select the Escrow Form tab above. Upon answering the form questions, customized documents will be prepared for you.

standard contracts in PDF Click here to download Power Of Attorney document.
standard contracts in PDF Click here to download Escrow Fee Agreement document.